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Treasure Jumpers (platformer)

Screenshot of Treasure Jumpers

Treasure Jumpers is a simple, local-multiplayer action platformer game created by John Croisant for the January 2016 Lisp Game Jam. It was made with CHICKEN Scheme, SDL2, and chicken-sdl2. You can read about its development on John's blog.

The source code is available under the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. Image assets are from Kenney Game Assets. The assets are also available under the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

Treasure Jumpers is intended as an example for using chicken-sdl2. The source code is therefore heavily commented with explanations. You are welcome to borrow freely from the code when making your own games.


Treasure Jumpers requires the following software:

Running the game

  1. Install CHICKEN Scheme, SDL, and SDL_image as appropriate for your operating system.

  2. Install the required eggs: chicken-install sdl2 sdl2-image args miscmacros vector-lib

  3. Compile Treasure Jumpers: csc -O3 platformer.scm

  4. Play Treasure Jumpers: ./platformer

Default controls

Player 1 (pink):

W = Jump
A = Move left
D = Move right

Player 2 (green):

Up Arrow = Jump
Left Arrow = Move left
Right Arrow = Move right

Player 3 (yellow):

I = Jump
J = Move left
L = Move right

You can change the key bindings by editing controls.txt. Up to 5 players are supported.

Custom levels

You can create your own levels using a text editor. See the level-template.txt file in the levels directory for more information.

I didn't have time to make a GUI level selector, but you can select your level using a command line flag. Compile the game as described above, then run the game on the command line like so:

./platformer --level=path/to/your/level.txt

If you create a fun level and would like to have it included in the game, please email john at croisant dot net.

Known Issues

  • The performance of the game gradually degrades over time. After several minutes the framerate becomes very choppy.

  • There is no HUD or GUI to display player scores.

  • There is no way to win. The game never ends.

  • If you walk or slide off an ice tile without jumping, you will have slippery feet until the next time you jump.