Example games and programs built with chicken-sdl2

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chicken-sdl2 examples

This repository contains example games and programs built with chicken-sdl2, CHICKEN Scheme bindings to Simple DirectMedia Layer 2 (SDL2).

Unless otherwise noted, all code and assets in this repository are provided under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.


Screenshot of Eggsweeper

make eggsweeper

A clone of Minesweeper.

The font for the numbers is "Fipps" by pheist.


  • Left mouse button (LMB) opens the clicked-on tile.
  • Right mouse button (RMB) or Ctrl+LMB toggles flag on the clicked-on tile.
  • Arrow keys or keypad numbers move the focused tile (in case you prefer using the keyboard instead of the mouse).
  • Return or keypad enter key opens the focused tile.
  • Space or keypad 0 key toggles flag on the focused tile.
  • R key restarts the game with the same level.
  • Number row keys 1, 2, 3, and 4 change the level (grid size and number of eggs).
  • Escape key or clicking the close button quits the game.


Screenshot of Mandelbrot

make mandelbrot

An interactive Mandelbrot set explorer program.


  • Arrow keys move the view around.
    • Hold the shift key to move in larger increments.
    • Hold the alt key to move in smaller increments.
  • Plus (+) or equals (=) zooms in.
  • Minus (-) zooms out.
  • R resets to the original view.
  • Number row keys change the color palette (not all numbers have a palette).
  • S saves a screenshot.
    • The screenshot will be placed in the current directory, named like "mandelbrot-_____.bmp", with an integer timestamp.
  • Escape or clicking the close button quits the app.

Treasure Jumpers (platformer)

Screenshot of Treasure Jumpers

make platformer

A simple, local multiplayer action platformer game. Run and jump to collect the most coins and gems!

See the Treasure Jumpers README for more information.