This is a patch release that adds functionality to the renter and improves its performance. @ChrisSchinnerl and our new employee @MSevey implemented HTTP file streaming, allowing you to stream videos and other content directly from Sia hosts. They also added rate-limiting, so you can prevent Sia from hogging all your bandwidth. @ChrisSchinnerl also moved contract data out of RAM and fixed a memory leak, resulting in greatly reduced memory usage. And as always, we made tons of smaller bug fixes.

Contributor @nielscastien added a new API endpoint for hosts that reports information about contracts formed with renters. I'm sure this will be widely appreciated by users who want more insight into their host's behavior. Thanks! And another "thank you" to everyone else who contributed to this release: @mharkus, @mtlynch, @Fornax96, @tbenz9, and everyone who tested our release candidates.