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  • v1.4.10
    Release v1.4.10

    v1.4.9 was skipped in lieu of v1.4.10 because of RHP incompatibility with v1.4.9-rc1. The combined changelog is below:

    Jun 3, 2020:


    Bugs Fixed

    • fixed issue where workers would freeze for a bit after a new block appeared


    • Add Skykey Name and ID to skykey GET responses

    May 29, 2020:


    Key Updates

    • Add FeeManager to siad to allow for applications to charge a fee
    • Add start time for the API server for siad uptime
    • Add new /consensus/subscribe/:id endpoint to allow subscribing to consensus change events
    • Add /skykeys endpoint and siac skykey ls command
    • Updated skykey encoding and format

    Bugs Fixed

    • fix call to expensive operation in tight loop
    • fix an infinite loop which would block uploads from progressing


    • Optimize bandwidth consumption for RPC write calls
    • Extend /daemon/alerts with criticalalerts, erroralerts and warningalerts fields along with alerts.
    • Update skykey siac functions to accept httpClient and remove global httpClient reference from siac testing
    • Skykeycmd test broken down to subtests.
    • Create siac testing helpers.
    • Add engineering guidelines to /doc
    • Introduce PaymentProvider interface on the renter.
    • Skynet persistence subsystems into shared system.
    • Update Cobra from v0.0.5 to v1.0.0.






  • v1.4.9
  • v1.4.9-rc1
  • v1.4.8
    Release v1.4.8


    Key Updates

    • Enable FundEphemeralAccountRPC on the host
    • Enable UpdatePriceTableRPC on the host
    • Add startheight and endheight flags for siac wallet transactions pagination
    • Add progress bars to Skynet uploads. Those can be disabled by passing the --silent flag.
    • Add the Execute Program RPC to the host
    • Added Skykey API endpoints and siac commands.
    • Add /skynet/portals API endpoints.
    • Add MinBaseRPCPrice and MinSectorAccessPrice to siac host -v
    • Add basePriceAdjustment to the host score to check for BaseRPCPrice and SectorAccessPrice price violations.
    • Add support for unpinning directories from Skynet.
    • Add support for unpinning multiple files in a single command.
    • Change payment processing to always use ephemeral accounts, even for contract payments
    • Increase renew alert severity in 2nd half of renew window
    • Prioritize remote repairs
    • Add SIAD_DATA_DIR environment variable which tells siad where to store the siad-specific data. This complements the SIA_DATA_DIR variable which tells siad where to store general Sia data, such as the API password, configuration, etc.
    • Update the siac renter summaries to use the root flags for the API calls
    • Add root flag to renter/rename so that all file in the filesystem can be renamed
    • Allow for wallet/verifypassword endpoint to accept the primary seed as well as a password
    • Add /renter/workers API endpoint to get the current status of the workers. This pulls it out of the log files as well.
    • Add siac renter workers command to siac
    • Add valid and missed proof outputs to StorageObligation for /host/contracts

    Bugs Fixed

    • Fix decode bug for the rpcResponse object
    • Fix bug in rotation of fingerprint buckets
    • fix hostdb log being incorrectly named
    • Refactor the environment variables into the build package to address bug where siac and siad could be using different API Passwords.
    • Fix bug in converting siafile to skyfile and enable testing.
    • Fixed bug in bubble code that would overwrite the siadir metadata with old metadata
    • Fixed the output of siac skynet ls not counting subdirectories.
    • Fix a bug in parsePercentages and added randomized testing
    • Fixed bug where backups where not being repaired
    • The AggregateNumSubDirs count was fixed as it was always 0. This is a piece of metadata keeping track of the number of all subdirs of a directory, counted recursively.
    • Address missed locations of API error returns for handling of Modules not running
    • add missing local ranges to IsLocal function
    • workers now more consistently use the most recent contract
    • improved performance logging in repair.log, especially in debug mode
    • general upload performance improvements (minor)
    • Fixed bug in siac renter -v where the health summary wasn't considering OnDisk when deciding if the file was recoverable
    • Fix panic condition in Renter's uploadheap due to change in chunk's stuck status
    • renewed contracts must be marked as not good for upload and not good for renew


    • Add 'AccountFunding' to the Host's financial metrics
    • Support multiple changelog items in one changelog file.
    • Add updating changelog tail to changelog generator.
    • Generate 2 patch level and 1 minor level upcoming changelog directories.
    • Fixed checking number of contracts in testContractInterrupted test.
    • Move generate-changelog.sh script to changelog directory.
    • Generate changelog from any file extension (.md is not needed)
    • Fix permission issues for Windows runner, do not perform linting during Windows tests.
    • Move filenames to ignore in changelog generator to .changelogignore file
    • Created Merge Request.md to document the merge request standards and process.
    • Remove backslash check in SiaPath validation, add \ to list of accepted characters
    • siac skynet upload with the --dry-run flag will now print more clear messages to emphasize that no files are actually uploaded.
    • Move scanCheckInterval to be a build variable for the hostdb
    • Skynet portals and blacklist persistence errors have been made more clear and now include the persist file locations.
    • add some performance stats for upload and download speeds to /skynet/stats
    • set the password and user agent automatically in client.New
    • Publish test logs also for regular pipelines (not only for nightly pipelines).
    • Setup Windows runner for nightly test executions.

    Signed Binaries


    Sia v1.4.8 Windows

    Sia v1.4.8 MacOS

    Sia v1.4.8 Linux

    Sia v1.4.8 Raspberry Pi

    Sia-UI v1.4.8 Windows

    Sia-UI v1.4.8 MacOS

    Sia-UI v1.4.8 Linux

  • v1.4.8-rc2
  • v1.4.8-rc1
  • v1.4.7
    Release v1.4.7


    Key Updates

    • Add --dry-run parameter to Skynet upload
    • Set ratio for MinBaseRPCPrice and MinSectorAccessPrice with MinDownloadBandwidthPrice

    Bugs Fixed

    • Don't delete hosts the renter has a contract with from hostdb
    • Initiate a hostdb rescan on startup if a host the renter has a contract with isn't in the host tree
    • Increase max host downtime in hostbd from 10 days to 20 days.
    • Remove build.Critical and update to a metadata update


    • Add PaymentProcessor interface (host-side)
    • Move golangci-lint to make lint and remove make lint-all.
    • Add whitespace lint to catch extraneous whitespace and newlines.
    • Expand SiaPath unit testing to address more edge cases.

    Signed Binaries






  • v1.4.6-final-release
  • v1.4.5-final-release
  • v1.4.6
    Release v1.4.6


    Bugs Fixed

    • Fix panic when metadata of skyfile upload exceeds modules.SectorSize
    • Fix curl example for /skynet/skyfile/ post

    Signed Binaries






  • v1.4.5
    Release v1.4.5


    Key Updates

    • Alerts returned by /daemon/alerts route are sorted by severity
    • Add --fee-included parameter to siac wallet send siacoins that allows sending an exact wallet balance with the fees included.
    • Extend siac hostdb view to include all the fields returned from the API.
    • siac renter delete now accepts a list of files.
    • add pause and resume uploads to siac
    • Extended siac renter to include number of passive and disabled contracts
    • Add contract data to siac renter
    • Add getters and setter to FileContract and FileContractRevision types to prevent index-out-of-bounds panics after a RenewAndClear.

    Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed file health output of siac renter -v not adding to 100% by adding parsePercentage function.
    • Fix unlock of unlocked mutex panic in the download destination writer.
    • Fix potential channel double closed panic in DownloadByRootProject
    • Fix divide by zero panic in renterFileHealthSummary for siac renter -v
    • Fix negative currency panic in siac renter contracts view


    • Add timeout parameter to Skylink pin route - Also apply timeout when fetching the individual chunks
    • Add SiaMux stream handler to the host
    • Fix TestAccountExpiry NDF
    • Add benchmark test for bubble metadata
    • Add additional format instructions to the API docs and fix format errors
    • Created Minor Merge Request template.
    • Updated Resources.md with links to filled out README files
    • Add version information to the stats endpoint
    • Extract environment variables to constants and add to API docs.

    Signed Binaries






  • v1.4.4-final-release
  • v1.4.4
    Release v1.4.4


    Key Updates

    • Add a delay when modifying large contracts on hosts to prevent hosts from becoming unresponsive due to massive disk i/o.
    • Add --root parameter to siac renter delete that allows passing absolute instead of relative file paths.
    • Add ability to blacklist skylinks by merkleroot.
    • Uploading resumes more quickly after restart.
    • Add HEAD request for skylink
    • Add ability to pack many files into the same or adjacent sectors while producing unique skylinks for each file.
    • Fix default expected upload/download values displaying 0 when setting an initial allowance.
    • siac skynet upload now supports uploading directories. All files are uploaded individually and result in separate skylinks.
    • No user-agent needed for Skylink downloads.
    • Add go get command to make dependencies.
    • Add flags for tag and targz for skyfile streaming.
    • Add new endpoint /skynet/stats that provides statistical information about skynet, how many files were uploaded and the combined size of said files.
    • The siac renter setallowance UX is considerably improved.
    • Add XChaCha20 CipherKey.
    • Add Skykey Manager.
    • Add siac skynet unpin subcommand.
    • Extend siac renter -v to show breakdown of file health.
    • Add Skynet-Disable-Force header to allow disabling the force update feature on Skynet uploads
    • Add bandwidth usage to siac gateway

    Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed bug in startup where an error being returned by the renter's blocking startup process was being missed
    • Fix repair bug where unused hosts were not being properly updated for a siafile
    • Fix threadgroup violation in the watchdog that allowed writing to the log file after a shutdown
    • Fix bug where siac renter -v wasn't working due to the wrong flag being used.
    • Fixed bug in siafile snapshot code where the hostKey() method was not used to safely acquire the host pubkey.
    • Fixed siac skynet ls not working when files were passed as input. It is now able to access specific files in the Skynet folder.
    • Fixed a deadlock when performing a Skynet download with no workers
    • Fix a parsing bug for malformed skylinks
    • fix siac update for new release verification
    • Fix parameter delimiter for skylinks
    • Fixed race condition in host's RPCLoopLock
    • Fixed a bug which caused a call to build.Critical in the case that a contract in the renew set was marked !GoodForRenew while the contractor lock was not held


    • Split out renter siatests into 2 groups for faster pipelines.
    • Add README to the siatest package
    • Bump golangci-lint version to v1.23.8
    • Add timeout parameter to Skylink route - Add go get command to make dependencies.
    • Update repair loop to use uniqueRefreshPaths to reduce unnecessary bubble calls
    • Add Skynet-Disable-Force header to allow disabling the force update feature on Skynet uploads
    • Create generator for Changelog to improve changelog update process

    Signed Binaries






  • v1.4.3-final-release
  • v1.4.3
    Release v1.4.3


    Key Updates

    • Introduced Skynet with initial feature set for portals, web portals, skyfiles, skylinks, uploads, downloads, and pinning
    • Add data-pieces and parity-pieces flags to siac renter upload
    • Integrate SiaMux
    • Initialize defaults for the host's ephemeral account settings
    • Add SIA_DATA_DIR environment variable for setting the data directory for siad/siac
    • Made build process deterministic. Moved related scripts into release-scripts
    • Add directory support to Skylinks.
    • Enabled Lockcheck code anaylzer
    • Added Bandwidth monitoring to the host module

    Bugs Fixed

    • HostDB Data race fixed and documentation updated to explain the data race concern
    • Name and Dir methods of the Siapath used the filepath package when they should have used the strings package to avoid OS path separator bugs
    • Fixed panic where the Host's contractmanager AddSectorBatch allowed for writing to a file after the contractmanager had shutdown
    • Fixed panic where the watchdog would try to write to the contractor's log after the contractor had shutdown


    • Upgrade host metadata to v1.4.3
    • Removed stubs from testing

    Signed builds






  • v1.4.3.0-rc2
  • v1.4.3.0-rc1
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  • v1.4.2.1-rc2
  • v1.4.2.1
  • v1.4.2