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  • v1.4.1   v1.4.1

    This is a patch release that adds upload streaming and seed-based snapshot backups.




  • v1.4.0   v1.4.0
    c5a59604 · add v1.4.0 changelog ·

    This is a minor release that makes numerous improvements to the Sia renter. The siafile format has been overhauled, and now uses a new encryption algorithm, Threefish. Siafiles can also be bundled into "snapshots" which can be restored at a later time. The renter-host protocol has been completely redesigned to improve performance and enable new functionality via Merkle proofs; in addition, all renter-host communication is now encrypted. This new protocol sets the stage for many exciting new features to come in the v1.4.x release cycle.




  • v1.3.7   v1.3.7
    12626053 · bump version number ·

    This is a patch release that fixes the difficulty adjustment for the ASIC hardfork.




  • v1.3.6   v1.3.6

    This is a patch release that implements the ASIC hardfork, which will activate at height 179000. Other significant changes since v1.3.4 can be found in the v1.3.5 release notes.

    Thanks as always to our contributors, and to the entire Sia community, for their continued support.




  • v1.3.5   v1.3.5

    This is a patch release that adds support for constructing and signing transactions via the API (and offline, via siac or a hardware wallet). It also includes significant changes to the HostDB's ranking algorithm; specifically, it improves protection against Sybil attacks (creating many hosts to increase chances of being selected), and better accounts for the collateral posted by hosts. Lastly, some handy utility functions were added in the form of siac utils, with the goal of creating a "Swiss army knife" for performing various Sia-related tasks.

    Binaries for v1.3.5 and future releases will be hosted on our website. However, users running siac update in v1.3.5 will not automatically upgrade to later versions. This functionality was disabled in v1.3.5 in anticipation of dissenting forks branching off the v1.3.5 codebase. Automatic upgrades are enabled in the next release (v1.3.6) and users currently running v1.3.4 or earlier will upgrade to v1.3.6 if they run siac update.

    Thanks as always to our contributors, and to the entire Sia community, for their continued support.




  • v1.3.4   v1.3.4

    This is a patch release that focuses on stability and correctness improvements to the renter. In addition to a bunch of minor improvements, contract spending is now reported more accurately, and individual contracts can be canceled without canceling the whole allowance. This is also our first release on GitLab!

    Thanks as always to everyone who contributed to this release, and everyone who tested our release candidates!




  • v1.3.3   v1.3.3

    This is a patch release that adds functionality to the renter and improves its performance. @ChrisSchinnerl and our new employee @MSevey implemented HTTP file streaming, allowing you to stream videos and other content directly from Sia hosts. They also added rate-limiting, so you can prevent Sia from hogging all your bandwidth. @ChrisSchinnerl also moved contract data out of RAM and fixed a memory leak, resulting in greatly reduced memory usage. And as always, we made tons of smaller bug fixes.

    Contributor @nielscastien added a new API endpoint for hosts that reports information about contracts formed with renters. I'm sure this will be widely appreciated by users who want more insight into their host's behavior. Thanks! And another "thank you" to everyone else who contributed to this release: @mharkus, @mtlynch, @Fornax96, @tbenz9, and everyone who tested our release candidates.

  • v1.3.2   v1.3.2
    72938f59 · add 1.3.2 changelog notes ·

    This is a patch release that focuses on stability and performance. @DavidVorick and @ChrisSchinnerl reworked the upload and download algorithms in the renter, and also added configurable ratelimiting so that Sia doesn't eat all of your bandwidth. @lukechampine fixed a long-standing bug in the host that caused it to perform needless I/O when idle. We added a new endpoint for checking if a transaction was confirmed. And as always, we fixed many more minor bugs and inefficiencies.

    We also had a concerted effort, beginning with #2746, to get all of Sia's package passing golint. @mharkus, @tbenz9, @mikkeljuhl, and @mjmay08 all contributed PRs to steadily improve coverage. Once #2786 is merged, we will have achieved this goal! Thanks to @tbenz9 for organizing this effort. @tbenz9 also contributed an interesting PR (#2833) that includes the git commit hash in binaries built with the Makefile. This makes it possible to identify exactly what code is running, which is super helpful for debugging.

    Thanks as always to everyone else who contributed to this release: @mtlynch, @glendc, @pachisi456, @nielscastien, @idanakav, and @jfcg.

  • v1.3.1   v1.3.1

    This release is the culmination of nearly five months of steady work, with contributions from 19 developers. For this release, we primarily focused on improving the stability and performance of the renter. To achieve this, @DavidVorick and our new employee @ChrisSchinnerl designed and implemented a new write-ahead log package, which @lukechampine leveraged to create a new on-disk format for file contracts. This allows contracts to be updated efficiently while maintaining ACID properties, like a database. @DavidVorick also reworked much of the upload code, resulting in more throughput and more reliable file repairs. And as always, we made tons of bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the code base, affecting nearly every file in the project.

    Importantly, this release contains a fix for the new difficulty algorithm that was introduced in v1.3.0. This fix is a hardfork that activates at block 139,000, which is expected to occur in late January, 2018. So before celebrating the new year, please ensure that you have upgraded your nodes to v1.3.1!

    Supplying your wallet password and API password (if you use one) is now easier, thanks to contributions by @petabytestorage and @ericflo, respectively. If you set the SIA_WALLET_PASSWORD and SIA_API_PASSWORD environment variables, siad and siac will automatically use them. Previously, these passwords had to be supplied via an interactive prompt, which made certain operations annoying to automate.

    We had so many contributors to this release that I can't list everything they did. But I'd like to especially thank our first-time contributors: @mharkus, @aryzle, @aiorla, @nielscastien, @ericflo, @pedrorivera, @roipoussiere, @huetsch, @chrsch, @annalissac, and @dNetGuru. Of course, our returning contributors also submitted some great PRs to this release: @vevarm, @S-anasol, @petabytestorage, @eddiewang, @starius, and @mtlynch. Finally, a huge thank you to @tbenz9 for tirelessly cleaning up our issue tracker, creating a new issue template, and generally making the project friendlier to newcomers.

  • v1.3.0   v1.3.0

    This is a minor release that introduces a number of long-awaited features.

    The most prominent features are remote file repair and wallet lookahead. Remote file repair allows Sia to automatically repair your files even after the original file data has been deleted from your machine. It works by downloading data from hosts, expanding it to the desired redundancy, and reuploading the redundant pieces to other hosts. This is a crucial feature for Sia because hosts that go offline or fail to meet quality requirements must be replaced. Note that in order for remote file repair to work, the file must report at least 1x redundancy.

    Wallet lookahead means that the wallet will pre-generate the next n addresses for its seed, and watch the blockchain for them. (Remember, each address corresponds to a particular seed index.) For example, even if the user has only created 5 addresses from their seed, the wallet may internally be keeping track of the next 100 addresses. This functionality is mainly useful for people who use the same seed on multiple computers: before this fix, their wallet balance could be reported incorrectly, which caused some (understandable) anxiety.

    v1.3.0 also contains a number of additions to our API:

    • A /wallet/changepassword route, allowing users to change their wallet password
    • Upgraded /wallet/sendsiacoins to allow sending one output to multiple recipients (primarily useful for exchanges)
    • New /tpool endpoints for getting raw transaction data and transaction fee estimations
    • A /host/estimatescore endpoint for estimating your host's score, as seen by renters

    We have also switched our gateway multiplexer from muxado to smux, which should improve stability and performance, and modified the gateway connection protocol to require fewer roundtrips while sending more actionable information.

    Finally, there were many internal bug fixes and optimizations, including transaction pool speed-ups, fixes for the renter stalling, and faster initial blockchain download. One of the fixes that I'll appreciate most is converting this horrible-looking stack dump to a simple and obvious "out of disk space" error.

    We'd like to thank the huge number of contributors to this release. The quality of contributions has increased dramatically over the past few months, and it has made life a lot easier for the core devs. Please let me know if I missed anyone:

    • @rnabel worked with @johnathanhowell to implement remote file repair
    • @ChrisSchinnerl worked with @lukechampine to implement wallet lookahead, among other fixes
    • @glendc worked with @lukechampine to implement the muxado->smux transition and gateway protocol changes
    • @starius worked with @DavidVorick to improve initial blockchain download speed
    • @elopio contributed packaging metadata for a Sia snap package
    • @aiorla made good use of a new JSON type in Go 1.8
    • @jnmclarty, @mharkus, @mtlynch, @petabytestorage, @rudibs, @S-anasol, and @skynode fixed up a bunch of documentation
    • @moimael added some flags to our release packaging to reduce the size of Sia binaries

    Contributors have also helped keep the issue tracker under control by answering common questions and marking duplicates. This is part of an ongoing effort to rein in our issue tracker, which we plan to start pruning more aggressively in the coming weeks.

  • v1.2.2   v1.2.2

    This is a patch release that fixes bugs in the new wallet and host.

    Hosts will now gracefully handle absent storage folders, and wallets will always show the correct balance when loading or recovering seeds. First-time wallet unlock is faster, and memory consumption has been reduced.

    The renter will also accurately report the redundancy of files, accounting for contracts that have gone offline.

    This release includes over 2500 lines of new testing and bug-fixes. Thanks to @vevarm for providing manpage generation for siac.

  • v1.2.1   v1.2.1
    fc3df6ae · bump version to v1.2.1 ·

    This is a patch release that fixes bugs in the new host and wallet. This release also includes a fix for a security vulnerability that especially impacts hosts.

    The first time you unlock the wallet should be moderately faster, especially on HDDs.

    If you are upgrading a host from v1.1.2 to v1.2.1, the upgrade will be significantly faster compared to upgrading from v1.1.2 to v1.2.0. It can still take 6-12 hours for larger hosts, but previous upgrade times of several days should no longer happen.

    A siac renter allowance cancel command was also added for canceling your current allowance.

    Thanks to @mtlynch for contributing to this release! And also thanks to the contributor (kept anonymous) who discovered and responsibly disclosed the security vulnerability.

  • v1.2.0   v1.2.0
    cdf7c509 · bump version to v1.2.0 ·

    This is a minor release that incorporates major changes to the host and wallet modules. The host's storage backend has been completely rewritten to improve performance and scalability. Admin privileges are also no longer required to be a host on Windows. The wallet has (finally!) moved to an on-disk database, meaning that it will unlock instantly after the database is synced to the blockchain. The wallet also now supports creating a new wallet from an existing seed, and "sweeping" the coins in an existing seed into another wallet. Finally, addressing a frequent need of new users, the wallet can be recreated with a new seed, meaning users no longer have to manually delete their wallet folder.

    NOTE: Upgrading an existing host can take quite a long time. Please be patient. Similarly, the first time you unlock the new wallet, it will take a long time because it's initializing the database. This only needs to occur once.

    This release marks a huge uptick in the number of contributors to Sia! 🎉 The following people contributed to v1.2.0:

    • @RNabel added bash completions for siac and a command that lists contract details. Power users will definitely appreciate this!
    • @glendc documented the gateway RPC protocol and started tackling numerous gateway issues. Look out for him in the next release!
    • @VoidingWarranties fixed a gateway bug. Couldn't stay away, huh? :)
    • @S-anasol cleaned up some host code.
    • @poiuty updated our Go dependency in the readme.

    If you want to contribute to Sia, drop by our Slack. It's a big project and we can always use more help!

  • v1.1.2   v1.1.2
    f268302d · bump version to v1.1.2 ·

    This is a patch release that adds a new asynchronous download endpoint (/renter/downloadasync) and fixes a bug that interfered with host storage proof submission. Hosts are strongly encouraged to upgrade before their proof windows end.

  • v1.1.1
    dc1ae257 · fix changelog ·

    This is a patch release focusing on the renter and hostdb. The renter would previously slow down considerably after about 100 GB of data total had been uploaded, but now will maintain high speeds for much longer than that. While the total amount of data can now easily reach multiple TB, individual files are advised to stay below 100 GB. The hostdb is smarter about scanning and ranking hosts, and you can see more in-depth output using the siac hostdb -v command.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, our upgrades to the Renter require a full rescan of the blockchain. As a result, if you are upgrading from an older version, siad may take a long time to load the first time you run it. On an HDD, this may take up to an hour. On an SSD it should take closer to 10 minutes.

    You should be able to upgrade to v1.1.1 by running siac update. If something goes wrong, you can always update manually -- but please file a bug report or get in touch on our Slack.

    Thanks as always to our contributors, users, and fans, and a special shout-out to @lolsteve who submitted a PR to this release!

  • v1.1.0   v1.1.0

    This is a minor release that improves renter performance and adds "defrag" behavior to the wallet. Previously, we have had issues with the wallet accumulating too many small outputs and thus being unable to fund large transactions. This isn't an issue for most users, but it can affect high-volume wallets, notably exchanges. The new wallet will regularly consolidate small outputs into one larger output.

    Thanks to the new renter algorithm designed by @DavidVorick, we are seeing upload/download speeds that saturate most residential connections! This is a huge improvement over the previous algorithm. However, memory usage may be substantially higher than before. We are working to reduce memory usage in the next release without compromising speed.

    As before, you should be able to upgrade to v1.1.0 by running siac update. If something goes wrong, you can always update manually -- but please file a bug report or get in touch on our Slack.

    Thanks as always to our contributors, users, and fans, and a special shout-out to @BitcoinErrorLog who submitted a PR to this release!

  • v1.0.4   v1.0.4
    6ed3ad4f · add lts note to README ·

    This is a patch release that splits the standard release line from the LTS release line. See the previous release notes for more details.

  • v1.0.4-lts   v1.0.4-lts
    f2c596d7 · fix LTS error ·
  • lts-v1.0.4
    f2c596d7 · fix LTS error ·
  • v1.0.3   v1.0.3

    This is a patch release that improves the stability and performance of the renter, in addition to many other minor bug fixes and miscellaneous tweaks. Our goal for this release was to make Sia viable for real-world use, even if only on a small scale. Only time will tell if we achieved that goal, but we are optimistic.

    Much of the work that went into this release was aided by our new testing framework, the Ant Farm.

    Our next targeted release is v1.1.0, which will introduce some long-awaited features (such as instant wallet unlocking) as well as considerable performance upgrades for the renter and host.

    You should be able to upgrade to v1.0.3 by running siac update. If something goes wrong, you can always update manually -- but please file a bug report or get in touch on our Slack.

    Thanks as always to our contributors, users, and fans!