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  • Solution For This Issue is Backward Compatible.
  • Bug
    This case is a thing that is not behaving as expected.
  • Critical
    Marks as incoming doomsday if left unattended. Can cause earthquake, tsunami, meteor shower, and/or Ragnarök!
  • Dependency
    This issue is blocked mainly due to a dependency from 3rd party or from client. There is no workaround and we can't proceed further until the dependency is resolved or available. You must inform the client about this as it will introduces late in schedule.
  • Discussion
    This is just at discussion phase. Please do not do anything else aside discussing what to do.
  • Documentation
    This is related to documenting articles and facts in an official/internal document.
  • Doing
    There is someone handling and proceeding with this case.
  • The case is completed and is parked under staging (e.g. next/staging branch or goods are in the werehouse). It is pending for release to customer (e.g. master branch / package picked up by logistics).
  • Enhancement
    This case is about improving on an existing item/feature/task.
  • Go
    ZORALab / Bissetii
    All related to Go.
  • Grand Testing
    This case is now in Grand Testing phase. Be prepared to destroy.... I mean test the subject with absolute power!
  • Hugo
    ZORALab / Bissetii
    All related to Hugo
  • Infrastructure
    This issue is completely related to infrastructure for developing the project.
  • The Solution for This Issue Is Not Backward Compatible
  • New Feature
    The case is about adding a new feature.
  • Question
    This case is about asking a question.
  • Sass
    ZORALab / Bissetii
    Everything related to Sass
  • This case is scheduled to start with the given due date, rather than delivering on it.
  • Security
    Potential Security Vulnerability That Compromises Customers
  • Suggestion
    The case is actually a suggestion, not a big issue.