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SkyrimVR Bug Fixes Branch Merge

ColdBomb1 requested to merge coldbomb1/OpenOVR:SkyrimVR_Bug_Fixes into openxr

This is a compilation of several fixes I have made specifically noticed in SkyrimVR.

I removed the previous merge request since this one includes that and has been cleaned up.

  • Included cherry picked commits that added ability to transform grip poses to the correct offsets
  • Changed handTransform to be separated to leftHandGripTransform and rightHandGripTransform
  • Added grip transforms for HP Reverb G2, Index, and Vive controllers based on values taken from the json files SteamVR reads from.
  • Updated Oculus grip transforms to do the same. This should map more closely now.
  • Changed the ShowKeyboardWithDispatch method to submit a placeholder keyboard event as if they typed "Adventurer" (default made with SkyrimVR character creation in mind) and submitted it. This prevents the application from outright crashing when requesting the keyboard until an actual VRKeyboard is implemented that is compatible with openxr.
  • Fixed the white object hands offset transforms not being applied correctly. They now match up with the controller.
  • Added system button to the supported button mask list
  • Added triggerClick as its own legacy binding instead of piggybacking on trigger

Just let me know if there is anything here you would rather not have merged into the main openxr branch.

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