personal site

personal site

my little space on the interwebs

This is my personal site. It can be accessed here or here.


Hugo Hugo Themes GitLab Pages

I built it with Hugo using my version of the Color Your World theme and published it using GitLab Pages. I registered the domain through Namecheap. The profile animation was inspired by Benjamin Grant, the scroll to top arrow was inspired by this article by Amolith, and the use of webrings was inspired by Andrew K. Dinh. I added mermaid support based on this guide. I started the world of text page on 2022-05-30 at around 1 AM PT after coming across one from Pixel.


YellowLab YellowLab


  • add icons
  • make more posts
  • further indiewebify
  • implement suggestions from Observatory and YellowLab
  • downsize