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    Change license from MIT to MPL 2.0 · 0a7242ae
    Yorick Peterse authored
    While the MIT license is a fantastic license for those too lazy (or
    unable) to understand more complex licenses it's too lax when it comes
    to protecting authors (= me). For example, there are no clauses regarding
    patents or ownership of source code. This means that patent trolls
    could, in theory, drag me to court.
    Of course one can still do that when using the MPL, but at least it has
    an explicit clause regarding patents. The MPL also provides a nice
    balance between the MIT license and the Apache license. I don't like the
    Apache license as it requires listing any significant changes in every
    changed file.
    In short, I don't really care what people do with my software (they
    could sell it for millions for all I care), as long as they don't drag
    me to court or otherwise hold me accountable for something.
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