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WIP: New Shotgun and Uzi models

Mircea Kitsune requested to merge mirceakitsune/new_shotgun_uzi into master

6 years ago I worked on a now defunct mod from which I'm integrating a few parts into my new mod. Today as I was editing this mod, I noticed and remembered that long ago I imported two weapon models from OpenGameArt for the Shotgun and Uzi. I figured that after years of letting them sit on my drive, I'd go ahead and propose them for vanilla Xonotic. Both are license compatible (GPL 3.0 / CC-BY 3.0) with textures of equal quality to the previous models (1024px).

The new shotgun has a slicker and slightly alien design which I found more fitting for a variety of reasons, while the new Uzi is similar to the old design except a more detailed and good looking overall. They aren't perfect or much higher quality, but it felt like an improvement compared to the existing ones.

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