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add IQM format support into lib/picomodel

Thomas Debesse requested to merge illwieckz/netradiant:iqm into master

This is a combination of 2 commits.


eukara said on GtkRadiant PR:

This adds support for the InterQuake Model format that engines such as ioQuake3, FTE QuakeWorld and many more support. Animations are not supported (just like most other included model formats) so it'll only load the base pose.

eukara also said on #radiant @ QuakeNet IRC:

I want to get away from having to maintain this and get it into mainline editors.

The code is ported from WorldSpawn (Radiant fork):

It replaces the previous radiant-only iqmmodel plugin:

It looks the same:

netradiant iqm model

But since picomodel is also supported by q3map2, it allows to bake iqm models in bsp, unlike the previous radiant-only iqmmodel plugin:

baked iqm model

Edit (2021-08-22): the patch just got merged in DarkRadiant as well:

IQM everywhere! 🎉

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