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Revert the fork maker commit [revert restyle]

Thomas Debesse requested to merge illwieckz/netradiant:revert-restyle into master

This MR reverts the fork maker commit that is 9dfae1c9.

This is a fork maker commit because it basically made NetRadiant the own fork of itself, and made xonotic cut the branch it was sitting it, not being able to reach other branches from the trunk. For a project like radiant that has dozens of fork, it was very bad.

Reverting this restyle commit enables the merge of foreign branch again.

As an example this is the 11 first custom commits of netradiant-custom by Garux merged over latest master, as you see on this screenshot there is both the iqm support (from Xonotic's NetRadiant) and the new icons from Garux one (those icons are currently wrongly displayed because Xonotic merged png icon support before Garux did, that would have to be fixed once merged two or three more commits):

xonotic netradiant + garux

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