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    log: fix indentation for --graph --show-signature · cf3983d1
    Zoltan Klinger authored
    The git log --graph --show-signature command incorrectly indents the gpg
    information about signed commits and merged signed tags. It does not
    follow the level of indentation of the current commit.
    Example of garbled output:
    $ git log --show-signature --graph
    *   commit 258e0a237cb69aaa587b0a4fb528bb0316b1b776
    |\  gpg: Signature made Mon, Jun 30, 2014 13:22:33 EDT using RSA key ID DA08
    gpg: Good signature from "Jason Pyeron <jpye...@pdinc.us>"
    Merge: 727c355 1ca13ed
    | | Author: Jason Pyeron <jpye...@pdinc.us>
    | | Date:   Mon Jun 30 13:22:29 2014 -0400
    | |
    | |     Merge of 1ca13ed2271d60ba9 branch - rebranding
    | |
    | * commit 1ca13ed2271d60ba93d40bcc8db17ced8545f172
    | | gpg: Signature made Mon, Jun 23, 2014  9:45:47 EDT using RSA key ID DD37
    gpg: Good signature from "Stephen Robert Guglielmo <s...@guglielmo.us>"
    gpg:                 aka "Stephen Robert Guglielmo <srguglie...@gmail.com>"
    Author: Stephen R Guglielmo <s...@guglielmo.us>
    | | Date:   Mon Jun 23 09:45:27 2014 -0400
    | |
    | |     Minor URL updates
    In log-tree.c modify show_sig_lines() function to call graph_show_oneline()
    after each line of gpg information it has printed in order to preserve
    the level of indentation for the next output line.
    Reported-by: Jason Pyeron's avatarJason Pyeron <jpyeron@pdinc.us>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarZoltan Klinger <zoltan.klinger@gmail.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <gitster@pobox.com>
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