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    Merge branch 'sk/mingw-uni-fix-more' · 385e171a
    Junio C Hamano authored
    Most of these are battle-tested in msysgit and are needed to
    complete what has been merged to 'master' already.
    * sk/mingw-uni-fix-more:
      Win32: enable color output in Windows cmd.exe
      Win32: patch Windows environment on startup
      Win32: keep the environment sorted
      Win32: use low-level memory allocation during initialization
      Win32: reduce environment array reallocations
      Win32: don't copy the environment twice when spawning child processes
      Win32: factor out environment block creation
      Win32: unify environment function names
      Win32: unify environment case-sensitivity
      Win32: fix environment memory leaks
      Win32: Unicode environment (incoming)
      Win32: Unicode environment (outgoing)
      Revert "Windows: teach getenv to do a case-sensitive search"
      tests: do not pass iso8859-1 encoded parameter
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