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    rename things related to browsers · d61e15cf
    Romain Bignon authored
    weboob.tools.browser -> weboob.deprecated.browser
    weboob.tools.parsers -> weboob.deprecated.browser.parsers
    weboob.tools.mech -> weboob.deprecated.mech
    weboob.browser2 -> weboob.browser
    weboob.core.exceptions -> weboob.exceptions
    Also, the new tree for browser2 is:
    weboob.browser: import weboob.browser.browsers.* and weboob.browser.url.*
    weboob.browser.browsers: all browsers (including PagesBrowser and LoginBrowser)
    weboob.browser.url: the URL class
    weboob.browser.profiles: all Profile classes
    weboob.browser.sessions: WeboobSession and FuturesSession
    weboob.browser.cookies: that's a cookies thing
    weboob.browser.pages: all Page and derivated classes, and Form class
    weboob.browser.exceptions: specific browser exceptions
    weboob.browser.elements: AbstractElement classes, and 'method' decorator
    weboob.browser.filters.*: all filters
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