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  • v5.10.2
    Release v5.10.2

    Version 5.10.2

    Main Application:
    • F1 2019: Added the ability to configure listening port for F1 2019. The setting is in the "Manage Plugins" application. So Second Monitor can now be used alongside SimHub for F1 2019, using the SimHubs UDP relay functionality.
    • F1 2019 Fix: First Timed Lap in practice and qualification should now be properly recognized.
    • AC Fix: Fixed random session restart on some tracks after first lap in race.
    • General Fix: Fixed custom outline displayed on driver row even if custom outline was disabled for that driver.
  • v5.10.1
    3fa13247 · critical fix ·
    Release v5.10.1

    Version 5.10.1

    Main Application:
    • Critical Fix: Fixed remote connection not working.
  • v5.10
    Release v5.10

    Version 5.10.0

    Main Application:
    • F1 2019: Added initial support for F1 2019. To use, enable the the telemetry in F1 2019 settings (F1 2019 format). The application only works with the default port (20777).
      • Known Issue - First Timed lap not recognized correctly: First timed lap in practice/qualification might not be recognized correctly.
      • Known Issue - Wrong Lap Times: Becaue the field in the F1 2019 upd telemetry holding the last lap time is currently bugged (it reports 0 most of the time), the lap time is the last known lap time, before the finish line was crossed. So it will be smaller roughly by the gap between telemtry packets. While the laps times are incorrect, the relative times between lap times should be very close to the real difference, and can be used reliably. Fastest laps time are correct.
      • Known Issue - Missing Lap/Sector Times: The time spent "teleporting" (i.e moving out of pix directly to hotlap), or in accelerated time, is not propagated via the F1 2019 UDP telemetry. Because of this, the application does not know about laps that occured in this time. This does not affect race session. This does not affect the fastest lap time presented for driver and session overall, as this is this information is always available in the F1 2019 UDP Telemetry.
    • Pit Information Reworked: Reworked the information shown in the "Pit" column during races, making it more usefull for longer races with tyre changes. The information shown is situation dependant.
      • No Pit Stop in the last 5 laps: If the driver has not made a pit stop in the last 5 laps, then the total number of pit stops + the age of the tyres he is currently on is shown. The application assumes that each pit stop is a tyre change.
      • Pit Stop in the last 5 laps: If the driver has pitted in the last 5 laps, then the total pit time of this stop is shown. If the player has stop aswell in the race, it will show the relative difference between the players and the drivers pit stop. Negative means that the drivers pit stop was shorter (the player has lost time.)
      Also added coloring to the Pit Information Status:
      • Green - You gained more than seconds againts this driver in the last pit stop.
      • Red - You lost more than seconds againts this driver in the last pit stop.
  • v5.9.1
    3d4c9471 · critical issue fix ·
    Release v5.9.1

    Version 5.9.1

    Main Application:
    • Fix: Fixed critical issue when application would crash few moments after startup.
  • v5.9
    Release v5.9

    Version 5.9.0

    • Datapoint selection: Improved the ability to select datapoints. It is now possible to select regions on map and scatterplots by pressing the Right Mouse Button + LShift for selection and Right Mouse Button + LAlt to deselect. Shift + Right Click on histograms will toggle bar selection. Selected points are global, and all charts will be affected by selection in other charts. Check the wiki for more information.
    • Fix AC: Fixed application not correctly capturing data from rear right wheel (stupid copy-paster error).
    • Fix: Fixed Wheel Slip (Braking) not displaying any data when in "Single series for stint" mode.
    • SecondMonitor.msi

  • v5.8
    Release v5.8

    Version 5.8.0

    Main Application:
    • Wheel Diamter: Added the ability to define wheel diamter in the car settings window. These values are required for correct slip calculation by the telemetry viewer. Use the wizard, opened by clicking on the button next to these values, to determine the wheel diamter. Check the wiki for instructions.
    • Wheel Slip: The application is now able to calculate wheel slip. Correct wheel diameter is required for these values to be correct. With the standard data track, two new scatterplots are added - Wheel Slip during Acceleration and Wheel Slip during Braking
  • v5.7
    Release v5.7

    Version 5.7.0

    Main Application:
    • Track Records:The application now tracks player records for each track. Overall record, individual class and individual vehicles records are stored. Clicking on the TR will open list of all track records for the given sim. Clicking on the CR or VR will open all class/vehicle records for the current track (you need to be in session for this). In the options it is possible to specify if you want to see overall records, or just records recorded in the currently run session type (practice/race/qualy).
    • Torque units: Torque units can now be selected in the settings window.
    • Power units: Torque units can now be selected in the settings window.
    • Load/Unload all laps buttons added: These buttons allow to load or unload all laps, or laps for a selected stint.
    • Power Curve added: Added a new power curve scatterplot showing the relationship between power, torque and rpm. This only works for R3E and PCars2, as these are the only sims providing engine torque output. Also keep in mind, that only RPM present in the telemetry will be populated. For a full power circle some purposeful running at lower RPM is necessary.
    • Speed in turns histogram added: Added a new histogram showing the % time spent in each speed band while turning (lateral acceleration is > 0.4), this helps you to analyze which turns are more prominent on the track (high speed vs low speed), showing for which speed lateral grips should be maximized for gains.
    • Traction Circle: Three new charts were added to the traction control chart - First is a the speed in turns histogram, the others are the two scatterplots that show the relation between speed and lateral/longitudinal acceleration. This is helpful to i.e. analyze turning performance in various speeds, allowing you to examine how setup changes affect turning pefromance at different speeds.
  • v5.6.1
    Release v5.6.1

    Version 5.6.1

    Main Application:
    • Fix Assetto Corsa: Fixed an critical issue, where the application required administration rights to work for AC, when the application was installed in the default forlder.
  • v5.6
    217a396e · change log adapted ·
    Release v5.6

    Version 5.6.0

    Main Application:
    • Rating: Added the possibility, in options, to set "rating reference", affecting where the rating module would expect the player to finish (leading pack, midfield..etc). See the wiki
    • Rating: Added the possibility to define the amount of "grace laps", during which rating will not be affected by a restart.
    • PCars 2: Some of the previously missed data - left/right/center tyre temperatures and right height, are now filled from the UDP data provided by PCars 2. UDP protocol needs to be enabled in PCars 2.
    • Basic Histogram Filtering: Added basic data filtering for most histograms. Bands which contribute less than 0.25% will be discarted. This will be replaced in later version with proper outlier removal.
    • New Camber Histogram: Added a new histogram showing %time each wheel spents at the given camber. The 0 value of this histogram is choosable ideal camber angle.
    • New Camber to Lateral G scatterplot: Added a new scatterplot showing the relationship between lateral G and camber, for each wheel.
    • New Tyre Load Charts: Added series of charts for tyre loads analysis. This includes tyre load histogram, tyre load vs camber scatter plot, tyre load vs lateral acceleration scatter plot, tyre load vs longitudinal acceleration scatter plot.
    • Stints: Laps can now be organized into groups, called stints. Stint can be set next to the lap color in the lap picker. New telemetry files will have the stints automatically filled so laps between pit entries belong to the same stint. Stints can affect how aggregated charts present data. Histograms can be opened either as now - one chart for all selected laps, or separate chart window for each stint. Scatterplots present data in three ways - as now, all selected laps in a single chart, or separate window for each stint, or having a separate series for each stint, combined in a single chart. The prefered presentation can be changed in the third tab of the aggregated charts picker window. This setting is preserved.
    • Suspension velocity histogram: It is now possible to define separate fast/slow boundary for bump and rebound sepearately, and also separately for each wheel.
    • Charts parameters persistance: Selected charts have persistent parameters between application runs. These settings are tied to the Car being analyzed, so it is possible to define different paramters for different cars. The two charts persisting parameters right now are Suspension Velocity Histogram and the new Camber histogram
    • R3E - Suspension velocity histogram: The defualt bump/rebound values for R3E cars are the same as used by r3e under the hood. Big thanks to Alex Hodgkinson for providing these values.


  • v5.5.3
    adf4baf3 · incrased appveyor version ·
    Release v5.5.3

    Main Application:

    • R3E: Updated Data.json for the 10th of july updated.
  • v5.5.2
  • v5.5.1
    e1a83132 · fixed dpi scaling ·
    Release v5.5.1

    Version 5.5.2

    Main Application:
    • Fix: Fixed possible connection error when using second monitor on separate computer.
  • v5.5
    Release v5.5

    Version 5.5.0

    • All Charts reworked to use the WinForms version of Oxyplot: All charts in telemetry viewer now use WinForms version of OxyPlot. This version performs significantly better, especially with larger dataset. This change has some drawbacks, that are result of using WinForms inside WPF. There is very little I can do with these.
      Loading of first lap takes longer, and causes a temporal significant memory consumption spike. Loading of consecutive is instant. There are also quite a bit of graphical artifacting that occurs when scrolling or selecting distance.
  • v5.4.0
    Release v5.4.0

    Version 5.4.0

    Main Application:
    • Rating Fix: Rating should be more robust in detecting erroneous session switches from telemetry.
    • Fix: Drivers outlining settings will no longer get cleared when the application gets closed without connecting to any simulator.
    • Reworked serialization: Serialization now uses protobuf-net. This should bring significant loading times improvements (should be instant on most tracks). Old telemetry files will still work, and will be migrated to the new format during first load.
  • v5.3.0
    Release v5.3.0

    Version 5.3.0

    Main Application:
    • Rating: Project Cars 2 is now supported.
    • Rating: Volatiliy was removed from rating as it did not perform as intended.
    • PCars 2: Added operating pressures and temperatures for all the classes. This information is based on http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?57541-Project-CARS-2-Tyre-Temps.
    • Tyre Operational ranges: It is now possible to define separate operating temperature and pressures for front and rear tyres.
    • Timing Grid: Timing grid will no longer be cleared when exiting session. This will decrease the load time required when jumping into a new session.
    • Fix: Fixes to the driver outline functionality.
  • v5.2.0
    Release v5.2.0

    Version 5.2.0

    Main Application:
    • Rating: Simulator rating decoupled from difficulty. There is now a separate, hidden, rating for difficulty, that doesn't get updated on DNF. This is to prevent difficulty swings when the player crashes out, as difficulty should really be based only on performance when the driver finishes.
    • Rating: Added the ability to show all ratings, for all simulator in a single window (click the 'O' button in rating view).
    • Rating: From now on, the application will store race results. The history of races can be shown using the 'H' button in the rating view. Last 500 races for each simulator are stored.
    • AC: Added ideal tyre pressures and temperatures for over 900cars. This information was extracted form ProTyres ini & lut pack - https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/protyres-ini-lut-pack.18088/
    • Fix R3E: The application will not show systems as damaged if damage is disabled.
    Telemetry Viewer:
    • Tyre Load Chart Added, currently filled for R3E
  • v5.1.3
  • v5.1.2
    Release v5.1.2

    Version 5.1.2

    Main Application:
    • Asseto Corsa: Fixed dependecies loading for the plugin for Assetto Corsa, which made the plugin inoperable for some users.
  • v5.1.1
    3122fe48 · increased version ·
    Release v5.1.1

    Version 5.1.1

    Main Application:
    • R3E: Updated data.json to contain the newly released FR90.
  • v5.1.0
    Release v5.1.0

    Version 5.1.0

    Main Application:
    • Rating: Added support for Automobilista.
    • Rating: The application now remembers last played class for each sim, preselecting that class at application/sim start.
    • Rating: Race suggestion was disabled temporarily, something more robust is being implemented.
    • New Feature - Tyre Life Monitoring : Added several colored lines for each tyre status control. This is what they indicate
      • Black Line - This is the estimated tyre condition at the end of the race. This is calculated every 30seconds, based on tyre wear in the last 4 minutes.
      • Yellow Line - This line indicates the boundry of mild wear.
      • Red Line - This line indicates the boundry of heavy wear.

    • New Feature - Tyre Life Monitoring : Added tyres lifetime estimation. This number indicates how many laps are left untill tyre becomes heavy worn. This is calculated every 30seconds, based on tyre wear in the last 4 minutes.
    • Tyres Colors: Added 'Ultrasoft' compound. Changed color scheme to the F1 2018 season, as it looks like it is the color scheme used by most sims.

    Telemetry Viewer:

    • Suspension Velocity Histogram: Separate color for fast and slow bumps/rebounds, with separate statistics for each. The boundary between fast and slow can be set in the chart.
    • RFactor2: Increased frequency of telemetry points for rFactor2 (previously it was possible to capture only every 200ms), making telemetry more usefull for rFactor2.