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Implement editing name, about and emoji

Matti Viljanen requested to merge update-profile-page into master

As profile support already existed in libsignalservice-rs, this was only threading the strings through the stack and implementing a little something new in Rust side.

  • Rename VerifyIdentity.qml --> ProfilePage.qml
  • Let recipient and group profile images open in image viewer
  • For every contact: display name, about, emoji separately, if they are non-empty
  • Use pulldown menu items to enter editing, save the profile, or discarding changes
  • Automatically exit edit mode when navigating back

Not implented: updating profile picture

Having an emoji picker would be spot on here, but as we don't have it, a simple text edit has to do for now.

I couldn't come up with any form of validation of the emoji string or character in the QML side, so that's something that needs to be improved later.

Contibutes to #109 (closed)

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