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Set UUID, phone, DeviceID to config after registration

Matti Viljanen requested to merge fix-crash-after-registration into master

It looks like phone number, UUID and device ID number are not pushed to config after registration, so they are saved as "", "" and 1 respectively. This is the case at least in this case:

  • Remove Whisperfish cache, data and config
  • Start the app to create config.yml and close it
  • Enable verbose logging and logfile in config.yml
  • Start Whisperfish
  • Register

This results in registration gone through, but config still having the wrong values from above. This MR sets new values from the register response message to config, so the existing save does something useful.

Note: It's still possible to recover to working Whisperfish if the logs were captured and the phone/UUID/deviceID are manually set into config.yml.

Fixes #530 (closed)

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