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Gabriel Margiani requested to merge gamarg/whisperfish:shareplugin into master

Add share-via-whisperfish functionality

This involves a qt-plugin for nemo-transfer-engine as well as dbus-functionality to interact with Whisperfish

Contains a dbus activated service config for whisperfish

Obviously, all of this is disabled for harbour builds (Except for the qml-based dbus interface, which are allowed but useless)

Requires libnemotransferengine-qt5-devel to build.

To build a qt plugin, we need to run moc on the cpp files. moc seems to be qt-version-specific and running the sdk moc from outside is difficult. We therefore bundle the generated code. (see shareplugin/

To allow applications running in Sailjail to share something with Whisperfish, they need to be explicitly allowed to call WF via dbus. We ship our own permission file for this and patch /etc/sailjail/permissions/Sharing.permissionto include it where applicable.


  • Make it work with current master
  • Handle share in Whisperfish
  • Adjust supported mime-types -> allow most.
  • Sailfish4 support
  • Adjust app icon size -> let's wait for #208 for this, we will need share-variant of the icon.

Fix #242 (closed)

Edited by Gabriel Margiani

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