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Gabriel Margiani requested to merge gamarg/whisperfish:captcha4 into master

This time it works (hopefully)

Contains bundled sqlcipher sources. Alternatively, they could be removed and pulled in using the from to pull them in. We may need to switch to a newer version for Sailfish4, I haven't checked.

For a successful build, -lcrypto has to be added to the RUSTC link-flags. This can't be added from because cargo gets the ordering wrong. (It has to come after -lsqlcipher, which is added by libsqlite-sys and therefore comes after all flags from

The rendering is quite fragile - I'm a little scared it could break on other screen aspect rations. Maybe we will find a way to make this more reliable some day, but for now, this is the best we've got.


  • cargo fmt -> now the diff contains a lot of unrelated lines, sorry
  • libsignal-service merge
    • Remove the Cargo [patch] section
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