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    bye bye VARNISHSRC again :) · dbfef04e
    Nils Goroll authored
    Ref: 90c4b74 discussion
    	#varnish-hacking log:
    (09:53:32) slink: dridi phk so is it really agreed policy that indeed we
    return to installing all headers which $ABI strict vmods do/could
    (09:54:48) slink: and if yes, what is the purpose of having
    cache_varnishd.h over only cache.h then?
    (09:58:54) phk: slink, that was not the outcome I anticipated, but if
    that is how it will work, then that is how it will work.
    (09:59:26) phk: slink, the purpose is to allow people to write VMODs
    which doesn't require recompilation everything