• Add combos to stats

Now tracked, you can see how how many consecutive letters you hit in a row! Check in your stats box to see what you've currently got.

  • Getting even 🌠fancier💫 with colors

Why just add combos, but no indicator of how you're doing? Got a combo of (currently) over 60? The color of all borders will light up to a different color to show you're doing great! The color will change based on whether or not you have made any errors, and whether or not you are in instant death mode.

  • Add ability to disable dynamic colors

We recognize not everyone will like flashy colors (although they should only change once or twice per game), and so a way to disable having the border change colors at all has been provided.

Toggle: display_settings.simple_borders = true in your config file and the borders will never change from their starting colors.

  • About page is now more version aware

Now you can browse the release notes for just the version you downloaded rather than every version under the sun. Links to version aware docs are included too.

Internal Enhancements

  • Border styles are now contained in the styles module

Somehow it wasn't there before, but it is now.

Binary for x86_64 Linux: