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    Implement searching for complete address (swiss post, uniserv) · d47e2b84
    Roli Züger authored and Roli Züger's avatar Roli Züger committed
    - The existing search for postcode/city should still work just like
      before using the existing database and the existing geonames
      service connector
    - Additionally, there's a new connector for the API of the swiss
      post to search for addresses. Since this API does not return
      the values for certain fields (state, district, community nr),
      we supplement the records returned from the swiss post API
      with the data from the existing database connector.
    - Furthermore, there's another connector for the Uniserv API.
      This API won't be enabled by default and can be requested
      by `provider=uniserv`. In this case, an API key has to be provided
      to access this API.
    - The Uniserv API has a special flow: first, a session has to be
      created using the provided access key, then the results can be
      searched and, lastly, the selected suggestion should be validated
      which adds additional data like the community identification nr
      or the geographic c...