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[ENH] add ability to apply patches to Tiki codebase and 3rd party vendor packages

Victor Emanouilov requested to merge feature/manage-patches into master

This enhancement enables managing patches applied to an instance. Patches are applied via the gnu patch utility. For now, deleting a patch doesn't revert the patch - manual work is needed to actually revert a patch. Added instance:revert command to revert a particular instance working dir to its original branch state (aka git hard reset) - only works for version controlled instances.

Also, code was added to make sure patches are applied on certain events in Tiki manager - e.g. after restoring an instance from a backup, copying the source instance patch list to a cloned instance, etc.

@rjsmelo @xorti I tried running the automated tests locally but src/env_includes.php was missing. Added that one setting env variables like TESTS_BASE_FOLDER, SSH_HOST_NAME, etc. but still a lot of the tests fail with errors - I think I don't have the proper test env set up. Can you please send instructions on how to run the automated tests or maybe update the README and/or add missing env config files? Thanks!

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