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    Version bump 3.0.0-beta.10.3. · 635f1737
    TechAnon authored
    Add check for RenderTexture preview to only update when it's not the active one.
    Prevent erroneous video triggering by playlist during _TvVideoPlayerError event when another plugin has already triggered a video.
    Fix queue entry titles not using the correct url for displaying the domain. past the first entry.
    Remove old OnPlayerJoin resync logic that is made obsolete by other recent init changes.
    Fix the normals for provided 3d models.
    Cleanup AudioLink compiler flags for AudioAdapter.
    During _RefreshMedia, trigger the loading event after the media change event.
    Fix VPManager init not taking the default value into account if the TV isn't ready yet.
    Update a couple obsolete methods.
    Update audio adapter _ChangeAudioLinkState method to properly handle enabling and disabling internal AL handling.
    Update links in the README.