Release Notes:

Note: this release does not have Flatpak support due to a dependency issue that I haven't been able to crack. Please install from PyPi or the AUR. (If you are a Flatpak expert, I would greatly appreciate help fixing the issue. See #79.)

  • When album cover art is not provided by the server, a default album art image is used (Contributed by @sentriz.)
  • New Setting: Serve locally cached files over the LAN to Chromecast devices.: If checked, a local server will be started on your computer which will serve your locally cached music files to the Chromecast. If not checked, the Chromecast will always stream from the server.
  • When serving local files, the internal server now only exposes one song at a time via a token and the song's token is randomized.
  • The Sync enabled setting was renamed to Play queue sync enabled.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue where the UI was still in a "Playing" state after removing all songs from the play queue.
    • Fixed a multitude of problems where the wrong data would load if you quickly move around between cached and un-cached information.
    • When you use the Google Home app to cause the device that Sublime is using to "Stop Casting", Sublime now shows as paused.
    • The Chromecast device list are only requested after the first time you click on the Devices button.
    • Seeking now works with the mouse and keyboard.
  • Documentation
    • Updated the CONTRIBUTING document to the current state of the Sublime Music codebase.
    • Added documentation for all of the settings available in Sublime Music.
  • Infrastructure
    • Fixed logo build step.
    • Moved player module to root instead of being under ui.common.