Talk about encryption having a shelf life

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......@@ -438,6 +438,20 @@ be explored as possibilities in future documents.)
and so the same way that mutability and updates will be explored
above, advisement to remove and not display content can be
- Encryption has a shelf life.
In general, secure ciphers from about 15 years ago aren't secure
This is due to changes in computing power and generally discovering
new attacks and weaknesses in algorithms over time.
It may be that sometime over the next hundred or so years that our
understanding of cryptography eventually settles so that weakening
happens more rarely, but we're certainly not there yet.
Given that, it may be a tradeoff to decide whether or not to have
a large global pool, smaller pools, or to deliver chunks more
Regardless, there's still value in being able to securely refer
to content which can survive migrating between servers (to the
extent that hashes survive weakening, also).
* Conclusions
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