Add a caveat about deleting content

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......@@ -424,6 +424,20 @@ be explored as possibilities in future documents.)
such as the use of [[][HTTP Signatures]] or [[][WebFinger]] have been
intentionally left out, so don't expect compatibility with
"modern day" ActivityPub servers.
- This also leads to the question... "how can someone ensure that their
content is deleted?"
It turns out that in any decentralized network (even many
centralized networks) it is not possible to /ensure/ deletion.
(See also: why have attempts to insert "I'd like to take back and
delete that email I accidentally sent" into email protocols
For instance, a bad actor could always watch the fediverse public
timeline and punish those deletions by archiving and publishing
their original content.
But good actors may wish to respect the removal of a file,
and so the same way that mutability and updates will be explored
above, advisement to remove and not display content can be
* Conclusions
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