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    Missing or wrong node sounds · aa7ab7b0
    Wuzzy authored
    A couple of nodes have missing or wrong node sounds:
        nodes:hardened_clay*: Plays no sound (suggested sound: stone sound)
        nodes:chest_with_*: No sound (suggested: wood sound)
        nodes:flowerpot*: Plays wood sound (suggested: stone sound)
        nodes:vine*: Wood sound when climbing (suggested: leaves sound)
        terminal:terminal: No sound (suggested: metal sound)
        nodes:tnt: No sound (suggested: wood sound)
        signs:bg: No sound (suggested: stone sound)
        All doors and fence gates: No sounds for placing/digging
        frame:*: No sound (suggested: wood sound)
        signs:sign_wall: No sound (suggested: wood sound)
    Special cases:
        Trampoline: Wood sound
        Waterlily: No change, still no sound (leaves sound would be too odd here)
        Lava: Sound removed
        boxes:nexus: No change, I have no good idea
        Sponge: Dirt sound
        Rope: Sound removed (other sounds just don't fit well)
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