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    FIX #25: Correct connection to PVA · 0b863d69
    Halunka Matthieu authored
    Changes for dev:
    * Change docker-compose to a more modern version
    * Rewrite nginx conf for dev
    * Update Helm and Nginx conf
    * Properly use env var for mail address and external links
    Changes for user:
    * Replace <i> tags for text by <em>, <b> by <strong>
    * Add aria-hidden to <i> tag for css
    * Add some documentation to README (See #16)
    * Add basic SEO for public views
    * Add legal notice
    * Allow user to trigger manually some cron job (See #25)
    * Correct non closing tags
    * Fix bug when no poster are in the DB
    * Fix date warning for PVA cron job