Sherpa Release 1.0.7

Sherpa 1.0.7

A number of things are not working. Do not even try:

  • Parton shower in DIS--like situations, i.e. with only one incoming leg that showers.
  • Substructure of photons.
  • Laser backscattering beyond the region where CompAZ is valid (up to 500 GeV).

For process declarations a specific ordering is needed:

  • For electron-photon collisions make sure the photon is on the first beam, bunch and parton!
  • For electron-proton collisions make sure the electron is on the first beam, bunch and parton!

Download of alpha version Sherpa-1.0.7

All Sherpa downloads can be found on HepForge

To run Sherpa with LHAPDF Version 3 you need to extract the LHAPDF grid archive into the SHERPA-1.0.8/Run directory. (The file size is 40 MB!)

In the download archive you can also download a short primer on how to get started and how to use Sherpa.

Major changes with respect to Sherpa-1.0.6

  • Added a module "HADRONS++" for hadron decays, Status in version 1.0.7 :
    • tau decays in their full glory with matrix elements and various form factors
    • decays of some hadrons as isotropic decays, i.e. only branching ratios
    • in SHERPA runs Pythia 6.2 is still default choice for hadron decays.
  • Added treatment for decays of heavy unstable particles in MEs.
  • All bug-fixes and patches for version 1.0.6 are included.

Known problems/known bugs/FAQs

  • So far, no known bugs.

If you have questions regarding the installation or the usage of Sherpa, which are not answered by our Howto, please look around in this Wiki as well.