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Document dashboard integration

Ben Silverman requested to merge blms/document-dashboard-integration into develop

Marking as draft until required backend work is complete. Also note that the base branch is blms/project-dashboard-integration.

In this PR

  • Document dashboard integration
    • For more details, see individual commit messages. They are broken down by topic.

Required backend work

  • Per-document regions and lines ontology endpoints, each with count, and OrderingFilter on count and name
  • Also need the count and OrderingFilter on AnnotationTaxonomySerializer
  • Share endpoint for documents (share with group or user)
  • (Possibly) some work on the tasks endpoint, see below


  • A handful of issues with task reporting:
  • Do we need access to ALL models for segment and transcribe, or just document models? I'm assuming the former, and included code for that, but wanted to double check.
  • @Lauxley you asked earlier about the "only recalculate masks" option. Chelsea and I believe the decision was that masks are always recalculated. Does that sound right?
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