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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • RFC
    sat-mtl / tools / switcher
    Request for comment
  • RFC approved
    sat-mtl / tools / switcher
    The RFC has been approved
  • doc
    sat-mtl / tools / switcher
    Issues related to documentation
  • flowcanceled
    Task status - The issue has been canceled, you should need a good reason
  • flowin progress
    Task status - The issue resolution is currently in progress
  • flowneed help
    Task status - A too complex tasks that requires help from the team
  • flowneed review
    Task status - The development is done and must be reviewed by pairs before being tested
  • flowneed rework
    After review it seems the code should be refined
  • flowon hold
    Task status - The issue is on hold: it is blocked or nobody has started working on it
  • Task status - The task has been pushed and tested, it only needs to be put in a released version
  • Task status - The current issue is ready to be tested
  • Task status - A task that is enough complex to need a strong analysis
  • flowtriage
    Task status - Some issue are created quickly without detailed description, we must fill this description ASAP.
  • priorityP1
    Priority level - A critical fix that must hold up a release because otherwise our reputation would be threatened
  • priorityP2
    Priority level - A major failure of a feature on the happy path, but maybe not a failure of the main feature set of the project.
  • priorityP3
    Priority level - A failure of a feature that it is likely to affect the user experience but which may have a workaround
  • priorityP4
    Priority level - An issue that may affect a few users, but which does not impair the main functionality of the application
  • priorityP5
    Priority level - An issue that is an utter edgecase - a classic 'QA issue' or a documentation of an issue for the sake of completeness
  • Project focus - All projects about the haptic floor.