A classic-style vertical scrolling shooting game that boots on a PC. Written as an experiment in bare metal D.

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Xanthe: Bare Metal D Vertical Shooter

This is a simple vertical shooter game written as a test of bare metal D. It does not depend on the D runtime, or even libc, and can be booted directly on an x86 PC. There's also an SDL-based build for testing on a desktop.


You can watch a short demo video of the game on Youtube.


  • A D compiler
  • GNU development environment (make, ld, etc)

For bare metal backend:

  • NASM
  • Qemu (or Bochs) if booting in a virtual machine
  • GRUB bootloader (optional, but recommended if you want to boot on real hardware)
  • xorriso (from libburn) if building a bootable ISO image

For SDL backend:

  • Core SDL2 library

make Targets

  • play: build and play the SDL version
  • test: build and run tests
  • qemu-mb: build and run the multiboot version in Qemu
  • qemu-bios: build and run the BIOS version in Qemu
  • mb: build a multiboot-compatible kernel (mb-build/xanthe) than can be booted using GRUB or other bootloaders
  • xanthe.iso: build a GRUB-based bootable ISO image (that can also be written to a USB or hard drive)

See the Makefile for other targets and some variables you might need to tweak.

Platforms that Work

The SDL version should run on any x86 system that supports SDL.

The bare x86 version requires at least a Pentium (though it hasn't been tested on an actual Pentium). The Sound Blaster 16 is currently the only sound card supported. Unfortunately, the BIOS bootloader isn't very portable. It works on SeaBIOS, used by Qemu and Bochs. The multiboot build is recommended for other platforms.

Xanthe was developed on a GNU/Linux system, and there might be some hiccups building it on other OSes.


The graphics are mostly 8-bit PCX sprites drawn using Aseprite.

The explosion sound effects are from a set produced by Victor Hahn. The music and other sound effects were synthesised for this project using the ChucK audio programming language. All the music is based on the score of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.2, Op 18.

Known Issues

  • The BIOS bootloader isn't very portable. The multiboot build works with GRUB, which is much more reliable.
  • Audio only works either in the SDL build, or on hardware with a Sound Blaster 16
  • dmd (tested with 2.071) puts two copies of all media into the binary for some reason, making the image about twice as big as needed
  • The BIOS boot takes several seconds

Note that this is highly experimental work and contains some hacks. I really can't guarantee it'll work for you.