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    Change Djinn syntax · 37ebcebb
    Simon authored
    I copied Jinja2 syntax for my PoC, but Jinja2 and D both use curly
    braces a lot, making templates hard to read when they're mixed together.
    The new syntax comes from balancing the following criteria:
    * Easy to read when mixed with D code
    * Easy to remember
    * Easy to type for common cases
    * Rare syntax collisions with common use cases (i.e, templating D,
      YAML/JSON, XML-like languages, etc)
    Some collisions are bound to happen.  [< can be confused with common CDATA
    usage.  [: can be confused with IPv6 addresses and a common regex character
    class syntax not used in D.  `raw` and `endraw` will need to be used in
    these cases.  I hope there aren't any seriously annoying cases.