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    COPYING: Sync with current plain text version on the FSF site · 4c8ac5e0
    Olaf Meeuwissen authored
    This updates the Free Software Foundation's postal address.
    It replaces references to the Library General Public License (LGPL-2)
    with references to the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL-2.1) as well.
    These licenses differ slightly, the latter adds section 6b, but the
    references are *outside* the TERMS AND CONDITIONS section.  Moreover,
    the first reference is in connection with clarifying the licensing of
    Free Software Foundation software and the second reference is merely a
    suggestion to use the LGPL in case you want to allow linking your code
    with proprietary software.
    In view of that, these changes in COPYING do *not* have an effect on
    the licensing status of the SANE Backends.
    Re #320.
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