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hide backlinks if they are not allowed as possible attribute on an object (bug #12967)

msDS-KeyCredentialLink/msDS-KeyCredentialLink-BL are defined as linked attribute pair, but msDS-KeyCredentialLink-BL is not allowed on any object class definition, still it's possible to create msDS-KeyCredentialLink attributes.

msDS-KeyPrincipal/msDS-KeyPrincipalBL are also defined as linked attribute pair and msDS-KeyPrincipalBL is only allowed on object class 'user', but it's possible to create msDS-KeyPrincipal values pointing to non 'user' objects. The result is that 'user' objects have a visible msDS-KeyPrincipalBL, but the others don't have msDS-KeyPrincipalBL visible.

The related patches rely on !2920 (closed) in order to create a schema with msDS-KeyCredentialLink, msDS-KeyCredentialLink-BL, msDS-KeyPrincipal and msDS-KeyPrincipalBL



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