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  • v3.58
    Release v3.58
    • improved --force fallback argument handling (#163)
    • added C++ attribute syntax support
    • added Lua fuction StoreValue to set and retrieve information across Lua states
    • added extras/eclipse-themes/eclipse_color_themes.py script to retrieve themes from eclipsecolorthemes.org
    • added support for Web Assembly Text
    • updated mark_lines.lua to output 16m terminal sequences (#164)
    • fixed issues in bash.lang (#161)
    • fixed Bash heredoc highlighting in bash_functions.lua (#156)
    • CLI: highlight --version -q only prints the version number
    • GUI: added theme contrast indicator
  • v3.57
    e0f15bf9 · documentation updates ·
    Release v3.57
    • added support for Haml (#140)
    • added support for Wren
    • added Lua function OverrideParam
    • fixed regression in xterm256 or truecolor output (#152)
    • fixed --list-scripts with read-only language definitions (#154)
    • improved several language definitions
    • Windows GUI: added dark mode
  • v3.56
    Release v3.56
    • added support for Sequence Alignment Maps (SAM files)
    • added empty-file mode to --no-trailing-nl (#147)
    • fixed issue with --syntax-by-name waiting for stdin (#151)
    • fixed issue with --syntax reading matching files in the current working directory (#151)
    • fixed string parsing in lisp.lang (#150)
    • fixed output of UTF-8 text in xterm256 or truecolor output (#152)
    • fixed regex in js.lang (thanks to Jens Schleusener)
    • fixed calculation of testcase markers with UTF-8 input
    • allowed number literals with underscores in Java, Scala, D, Julia, C#, Perl and Ada definitions
    • added Nord theme (!125)
  • v3.55
    99eac758 · Fixed typo ·
    Release v3.55
    • improved handling of empty files in xterm256 and truecolor output (#147)
    • added EncodingHint attributes to filetypes.conf and language definitions (#141)
    • CLI: allowed file paths as --theme and --syntax argument (#145)
    • GUI: removed deprecated QTime API call
  • v3.54
    b0830f0b · syntax test fix UTF-8 #2 ·
    Release v3.54
    • fixed default colour output in BBCode (#134)
    • fixed corner case in sh.lang
    • fixed syntax tests with UTF-8 input (#123)
    • added support for Bash in outhtml_codefold.lua plug-in
    • added ballerina.lang
    • added block strings to java.lang
    • added author hints in themes and language definitions
    • added C++20 reserved words in c.lang
    • added editorconfig file and validated all files accordingly (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
    • CLI: fixed --list-scripts with -d or HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR env variable (#139)
    • GUI W32: replaced multibyte path trace window by startup hint if NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation is set
    • GUI: removed AsciiDoc instruction lines from the README popup window
  • v3.53
    38d4fe0e · ChangeLog update ·
    Release v3.53
    • fixed out-of-range exception with repeated AddKeyword calls
    • added KeywordFormatHints, Priority and Constraints elements to syntax definitions
    • added Lua function AddPersistentState (#112)
    • renamed md.lang to markdown.lang
    • added Fish syntax definition (thanks to James Lee)
    • makefile: added _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 flag
    • CLI: added optional fallback syntax to --force (#126)
    • CLI: added option --max-size (#127)
    • GUI: added multibyte path trace window
    • GUI: fixed superflouos creation of the same stylesheet file
  • v3.52
    Release v3.52
    • added negation ~ to test state indicators (#122)
    • added support for Hugo (!113)
    • added 5 duotone themes (!115)
    • CLI: fixed segfault with --force (#125)
    • GUI: limited font selection to monospace fonts (#124)
  • 3.51
    bfe984a8 · README update ·
    Release 3.51
    • SVG output: added white-space: pre in styles
    • HTML output: replaced ' by ' (https://bugs.debian.org/927410)
    • HTML output: fixed index file format (missing close tags)
    • CLI: moved syntax recognition functions to DataDir class
    • CLI: added regular expressions and default false values to --verbose output
    • CLI: fixed --list-cat without --list-scripts (#107)
    • CLI: added optional argument to --base16 (#113)
    • CLI: added default base16 themes (#113)
    • CLI: added --isolate option (#118)
    • GUI: improved UTF16 input path handling on Windows
  • v3.50
    Release v3.50
    • added lineno, column parameters to OnStateChange hook
    • added support for Crystal (thanks to C R Jaensch)
    • added support for Slim (!85)
    • compress man docs during installation (thanks to Chris Mayo)
    • fixed several typos in documentaion and manpages
    • CLI: added --syntax-by-name option (suggested by Chris Mayo)
    • CLI: removed deprecated --list-langs and--list-themes options
    • GUI: added terminal sequence output options (#110)
  • 3.49
    Release 3.49
    • fixed more problems with syntax test indicators reporting wrong states (#102)
    • added support for Meson, Solidity, TOML and Terraform
    • improved Perl highlighting
    • added Categories field to all config files
    • CLI: added category info in --list-scripts output
    • CLI: added --list-cat option (#99)
    • GUI: added theme category selection
    • GUI: display categories of selected syntax or theme
  • v3.48
    Release v3.48
    • fixed --list-scripts abortion with Fedora default compilation options (#84)
    • fixed a problem with syntax test indicators reporting wrong states after comments
    • improved Verilog syntax
    • improved quoted string highlighting for Perl and Ruby
    • detection of pkg-config's Lua version in src/makefile
  • v3.47
    Release v3.47
    • fixed xterm256 and truecolor whitespace output #2 (#90)
    • fixed LaTeX, TeX, SVG and ODT whitespace output (regression of 3.45)
    • added darkplus theme (!84)
    • converted ChangeLog to AsciiDoc
    • allowed state test indicators to match both whitespace (ws) and the enclosing state (others)
    • CLI: default output changed to xterm256 or truecolor if run in a terminal with color support and only a single file is outputted
    • GUI: added checkbox in the clipboard tab to output selected lines only
  • v3.46
    f21433a0 · fixed compilation options ·
    Release v3.46
    • fixed xterm256 and truecolor whitespace outpur (#90)
    • converted manuals to AsciiDoc (#85)
  • 3.45
    92c966be · v45 revised ·
    Release 3.45
    • added DocumentHeader and DocumentFooter plug-in hooks
    • added RemoveKeyword Lua function for syntax definitions
    • added syntax test indicators (see README_TESTCASES)
    • added support for ISO and R10 variants of Modula2
    • fixed R identifiers
    • fixed ALAN IF identifiers
    • fixed issue with Bash string interpolation
    • fixed some bugs found by coverity tool
    • added Swift keywords and types
    • added filetypes.conf.5 man page
    • added Gradle extension mapping
  • 3.44   Version 3.44
    af1a38c9 · removed Help->Extras ·
    Release 3.44
    • fixed gcc 8 compilation warnings
    • fixed Ruby string interpolation
    • added support for ALAN IF
    • added 107 Base16 themes [https://github.com/chriskempson/base16]
    • updated Rust and Java reserved words lists
    • revised documentation
    • moved extras/css-themes into extras/themes-resources
    • added extras/themes-resources/base16
    • GUI: added Base16 theme selection checkbox
    • CLI: added --base16 option to enable the new themes
    • CLI: accept - as argument to read from stdin
  • v3.43
    Release v3.43

    -updated astyle code to release 3.1 (Rev. 655) -added webkit reformatting style -improved several language definitions -fixed Matlab string recognition (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/issues/61) -fixed Autohotkey escape sequence recognition -added excel.lang (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/pull/60) -improved Qt pro file (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/pull/59) -CLI: added --reformat-option (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/issues/62) -CLI: added --line-range (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/issues/64) -GUI: added Bulgarian translation

  • 3.42
    Release 3.42
    • fixed HL_OUTPUT in Lua state for HL_FORMAT_XHTML and HL_FORMAT_TRUECOLOR values
    • fixed lib-shared make target
    • updated astyle code to release 3.1.0 beta
    • added Polygen and EBNF2 syntax definitions
    • added pywal terminal colouring template in extras/pywal
    • added reformatting style ratliff (replaces banner)
    • added extras/langDefs-resources/cleanslate.lang
    • improved Perl6 compatibility
    • improved PHP string interpolation
    • improved Haskell definition (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/pull/52)
    • CLI: added --canvas option to define background color padding in ANSI output (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/issues/40)
    • GUI: added French translation
    • GUI: added Scripts tab
    • GUI: minor bugfixes
  • 3.41
    Release 3.41
    • renamed examples directory to extras
    • line anchors (-a) are attached as id attribute to the first span or li tag in HTML output
    • renamed ID prefix in outhtml_codefold plug-in to be compatible with -a IDs
    • added fstab.lang and added anacrontab in filetypes.conf
    • removed references to OutputType::HTML32
    • added extras/css-themes and extras/langDefs-resources
    • CLI: removed deprecated indicator of --data-dir option
    • CLI: added --no-version-info option
    • GUI: fixed initial theme selection
    • GUI: added "Omit version info comment" option
    • GUI: added "Copy with MIME type" option for HTML output
  • 3.40
    86a1aff2 · revised documentation ·
    Release 3.40
    • fixed Ruby string parsing
    • fixed segfault on sparc64
    • fixed PureBasic definition
    • added CMake definition
    • added email definition
    • linked scm suffix to lisp definition
    • W32 CLI: support HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR and --data-dir options
    • revised documentation
  • v3.39
    Release v3.39
    • added syntax for Docker and Elixir
    • improved HTML, Julia, Kotlin and Smalltalk syntax definitions
    • GUI: added "Paste, Convert and Copy" button