RELEASE News of simspark-0.2.3

Finally, a new release of simspark has come! The most exciting feature of this release is probably the multi-threaded agent control (thanks to Andreas from RoboCanes for the initial patch). Previously, this part of the code was sequential even in multi-threaded mode, but now it can manage several agents in parallel which should (hopefully!) increase performance. Besides, there are a number of compilation and bug fixes here and there and also better Windows support. Small enhancements are also available. You can find more details below:

Multi-threaded Agent Control
  • AgentControl multi-threaded implementation added and enabled by default. It can be disabled using $threadedAgentControl variable inside spark.rb.
Other changes:
  • OpenGL System can now request the end of simulation (makes it possible to close spark monitor's window to quit!
  • The location of init scripts (e.g. zeitgeist.rb) can now be specified using --init-script-prefix (you still can put most of the scripts and data files like rsg/ directory inside your ~/.simspark/ instead).
  • Compilation fixes
  • Support more recent Ruby versions
  • Windows Compilation fixes, and few enhancements for better Windows support
  • Support for building Windows binary in GNU/Linux using Mingw32
    Notice: Windows related changes were already used in 0.2.2 simspark installer
  • Several bug fixes

Thanks to Yuan Xu and Sander van Dijk for their contributions in this release.