RELEASE News of rcssserver3d-0.6.9

This release comes with a number of bug fixes and also adds some new features to enhance managing games and also to add more challenges to games, most notably adding noise to the beam effector. The changes are:

Rule Changes:
  • Added new rule requiring that the ball must either touch an opponent, or touch a teammate outside the center circle, before a team taking a kickoff can score.
  • Penalty shootout kickoffs are direct now.
New Features:
  • Added noise to the beam effector with the amount of noise added controlled by the BeamNoiseXY (in meters) and BeamNoiseAngle (in degrees) values in naosoccersim.rb. Noise is added to beam X and Y values from a uniform distribution within the range [-BeamNoiseXY, BeamNoiseXY] and to beam angle values from a uniform distribution within the range [-BeamNoiseAngle, BeamNoiseAngle].
  • Added new training command parser commands for setting the game time and score. They are the following commands:
    (time <time>)
    (score (left <score>) (right <score>))
  • Added penalty shootout mode where a goal is awarded to the left team (penalty kicker) if the right team's player (penalty goalie) leaves the penalty area.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixing a bug with free kicks where as soon as the ball was touched, and the playmode transitioned from freekick to play on, the ball was still moved back to the location of the freekick preventing the ball from being directly kicked out of a free kick. Also ensuring that the ball position for free kicks is updated correctly as this wasn't happening right after the ball was placed back at the center of the field after a goal was scored.
  • Fixing a bug where a player would be incorrectly called for double touching the ball on a kickoff if the player first kicked the ball directly in the opponent's goal from a kickoff, resulting in no goal being awarded a nd the opposing team being given a kickoff, and then is the next player to touch the ball in the PlayOn playmode after a dropball when the opponent doesn't take their kickoff.
  • Fixing a bug where rules such as too many players in their own penalty area was not being enforced.