RELEASE News of rcssserver3d-0.6.5

This release comes with a number of enhancements and some bug fixes. Most notably, the automated referee is improved to prevent many agents to collide with each other which is required for running games with more players. Also, to better suite the field for running 9 vs 9 games, the field size is increased and it is 21x14 now. There are some visual improvements and minor enhancements to improve the general experience with the simulator. Finally, simspark.rb is renamed to rcssserver3d.rb for more consistency.

New touch rules:

The automated referee now enforces two new rules to better prevent crowding and a high number of collisions in 9 vs 9 games:

  • If an agent is in touch with more than 2 agents (including himself), and he wasn't in such a situation in the previous time step - which means he is the last to join the group - he is relocated outside of the field. However, if the number of opponents in the group are more than teammates, an unspecified opponent will be relocated instead.
  • If it is not clear which agent joined the group last, e.g. when 3 players were all separate at time t, but were all touching each other in time t + 1, an agent is chosen at random for relocation.
Other Enhancements:
  • Visual improvements in rcssmonitor3d: new field texture, colored team names and scores
  • Set different agent and monitor ports with --agent-port and --server-port
  • Bigger field size: 21x14
  • Updated PDF documentation
  • Bug fixes, specially in the automated referee
  • New Trainer command (killsim) to terminate the simulator
  • Compilation fixes
  • Nao robots now sense visual information about field lines by default
  • Now you should change the value of enableRealTimeMode variable in rcssserver3d.rb if you want to turn off using real time mode