Mycroft AI Skill for Home Assistant

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Home Assistant Skill for Mycroft

This is a skill to add Home Assistant support to Mycroft. Currently is supports turning on and off several entity types (light, switch, scene and input_boolean).


Clone the repository into your ~/.mycroft/skills directory. Then install the dependencies inside your mycroft virtual environment:

cd ~/.mycroft/skills
git clone https://gitlab.com/robconnolly/mycroft-home-assistant.git HomeAssistantSkill
workon mycroft
cd HomeAssistantSkill
pip install -r requirements.txt


Add a block to your ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf file like this:

  "HomeAssistantSkill": {
    "host": "hass.mylan.net",
    "password": "mysupersecrethasspass",
    "ssl": true|false

NOTE: SSL support is currently insecure as it does not verify the cert. This means it will work with a self signed cert, but shouldn't be used accross the internet.

You will then need to restart mycroft.


Say something like "Hey Mycroft, turn on living room lights". Currently available commands are "turn on" and "turn off". Matching to Home Assistant entity names is done by scanning the HA API and looking for the closest matching friendly name. The matching is fuzzy (thanks to the fuzzywuzzy module) so it should find the right entity most of the time, even if Mycroft didn't quite get what you said.


  • Implement SSL certificate verification
  • New intent for scene activation, e.g. "Mycroft, activate scene..."
  • New intent for opening/closing cover entities
  • New intent for locking/unlocking lock entities (with added security?)
  • ...


All contributions welcome:

  • Fork
  • Write code
  • Submit merge request