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arm64: Update drivers/soc/tegra to v6.0

Mark Salter requested to merge msalter/centos-stream-9:soc_tegra into main


Update drivers/soc/tegra to v6.0 level. This includes patches from drivers/memory/tegra, drivers/firmware/tegra, and drivers/misc/sram.{c,h} needed by the tegra SoCs.

V4: Added a few new fixes and config change to allow kernel to boot on Nvidia Orin (from NVME and without builtin nic support)

V3: Dropped upstream commit 3da9b0feaa16 "pwm: tegra: Add runtime PM and OPP support" which was merged as part of MR !1708 (merged)

V2: Dropped a number of patches found in other MRs and added dependency on them.
Also added a few more tegra soc related patches from upstream.

Signed-off-by: Mark Salter

Edited by Mark Salter

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