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    docs/system: convert Texinfo documentation to rST · 324b2298
    Paolo Bonzini authored and Peter Maydell's avatar Peter Maydell committed
    Apart from targets.rst, which was written by hand, this is an automated
    conversion obtained with the following command:
      makeinfo --force -o - --docbook \
        -D 'qemu_system_x86 QEMU_SYSTEM_X86_MACRO' \
        -D 'qemu_system     QEMU_SYSTEM_MACRO' \
        $texi | pandoc -f docbook -t rst+smart | perl -e '
          $_ = <>;
          s/^-  − /-  /gm;
          s/(?=::\n\n +\|qemu)/.. parsed-literal/g;
          print' > $rst
    In addition, the following changes were made manually:
    - target-i386.rst and target-mips.rst: replace CPU model documentation with
      an include directive
    - monitor.rst: replace the command section with a comment
    - images.rst: add toctree
    - target-arm.rst: Replace use of :math: (which Sphinx complains
      about) with :sup:, and hide it behind |I2C| and |I2C| substitutions.
    Content that is not @included remains exclu...
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