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Make the org-colview faces always same height

Björn Lindström requested to merge (removed):org-colview-scaling into main

In order for columns and headings to line up when using org-mode columns, even when modus-themes-scale-headings is enabled, make both relevant faces use the height of the default face.

It's done this way because if the org-column :height is set to a relative scaling, that's applied to the underlying heading size, not to the default height.

To illustrate the problem I'm addressing, here are some screenshots using this Org file:

#+TITLE: Test

* DONE [#A] Something to do                                                             :foo:
* TODO [#B] Another thing to do                                                         :foo:bar:
** TODO [#B] A subtask

With modus-text-scale-headings enabled, the file looks like this without columns enabled:


When columns are enabled:


After instead pinning both the org-column and org-column-title to the default face height (the only face we know for sure is has an integer height):


Note: org-column-title seems to stick to the default height regardless, so specifying the height there could be seen as redundant. However, since it seems reasonable that all the columns should always line up, explicitly setting them to the same height seems to make the most sense.

I also think it makes sense to set these lines to default height rather than heading heights, since by definition when working with columns you are squeezing in more information per row than just the heading itself.

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