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Move log file to $XDG_STATE_HOME

Bart Ribbers requested to merge PureTryOut/tinydm:xdg_state_home into master

$XDG_STATE_HOME is new in the XDG Base Directory specification and defines where "state files" should be stored. This includes things like history and log files. If $XDG_STATE_HOME is either empty or not set it defaults to ~/.local/state. Let's move our log file to this new location


Original proposal:


Quoted from the spec:

"The $XDG_STATE_HOME contains state data that should persist between (application) restarts, but that is not important or portable enough to the user that it should be stored in $XDG_DATA_HOME. It may contain:

  • actions history (logs, history, recently used files, …)
  • current state of the application that can be reused on a restart (view, layout, open files, undo history, …)"
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