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    Design cleanup on next branch (#18) · 2e4be89e
    Yuval Adam authored
    * Added SVG logo
    * Added logo.create_rectangular()
    * Fixed off-by-one error in svg transform
    * Added phone frame
    * Header and structural refactoring
    * Basic tachyons structure in place
    * Refactor blog page
    * Refactor homepage structure
    * Cleanup blog post page
    * No need to split less files
    * Slightly larger first paragraph font size
    * Fix blog post date formats
    * Small device responsiveness
    * Header and footer backgrounds, general layout refactoring
    * Fix header layout
    * Small header and footer fixes
    * Better blog page responsiveness
    * Header padding for tablet-size devices
    * Fix blog page layout
    * Better blog post page padding on small devices
    * Expand CSS readme
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