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WIP: Plasma mobile telephony in user interface

Bhushan Shah requested to merge pinephone-telephony into master

Opening this as a MR to keep state of the branch known, and to keep each change documented, likely each patch will be merged as a separate granular MR, so feel free to ignore this MR.

Status of the commits,

  • kde/plasma-{nano,phone-components,settings} (!652 (merged))
  • telepathy-ofono: ask upstream to merge the patch
  • kde-plasma-phone-components/blurb.patch: try to push nicer version upstream
  • dontbeevil/librem5dev/pinephone: open a separate MR for adding ofono to startup (!678 (merged), !679 (merged))
  • package and enable urfkill (!638 (merged))
  • update plasma-phone-components so that nicer version of blurb.patch is built (!680 (merged))
  • allow wheel group to access ofono dbus so Plasma/Telepathy can actually talk with ofono (!749 (merged))
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