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Draft: device-lenovo-yoga-c630: new device

Caleb Connolly requested to merge yoga-c630 into master

This the SDM845 kernel being updated to 6.7, and an update to boot-deploy to support custom kernel filenames (on SDM845 the ZBOOT kernel is /boot/linux.efi while the old gzipped image is /boot/vmlinuz, on C630 we need to ZBOOT kernel).

It boots, most things work except for audio which is notoriously annoying, so I'm leaving it out for now.

I highly recommend doing uclampset --pid $(pidof gnome-shell) -m 900 if running GNOME, or adapt for your DE of choice. This helps tremendously with animation jank and microstutters by telling the scheduler to already bump the CPU to a minimum performance state when the shell gets scheduled, so it doesn't have to wait for things to ramp up by themselves.

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