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add the gnome-mobile UI

Caleb Connolly requested to merge feature/gnome-mobile into master

Gnome mobile is a fork of gnome-shell and mutter with phone specific patches to make it more usable on phones, the user interface feels quite similar to Phosh in design, a demo can be seen here:

unfortunately it doesn't want to build yet, currently stuck getting mozjs102 to compile.

Current branch should build and function!

Known issues

  • Keyboard doesn't pop up on apps like telegram desktop
  • Often the application isn't correctly "shifted" to make the textbox visible (e.g. when typing in the address bar on firefox with firefox-mobile-config).
  • When the application is shifted it is shifted slightly further than the keyboard height (confirmed on OnePlus 6, maybe was originally hardcoded for PinePhone?)
  • Scaling by default only goes up to 250% on op6 which is a bit smaller than preferred. the MR is now merged and this is fixed, gnome-mobile uses the same scaling algorithm as Phosh now and 300% scaling is an option. It's recommended to run gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']" to enable fractional scaling, otherwise 200% is the maximum shown


  • create postmarketos-ui-gnome-mobile
  • write wiki page explaining it and it's WIP status, and a guide on installing it along side Phosh (installing side by side currently not recommended due to conflicting packages);
  • update branches once verdre removes pinephone pro specific hacks
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