htc-pyramid: new device (HTC Sensation)

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Hey, finally managed to port an older device htc-pyramid (HTC Sensation) to PostmarketOS. I found a downstream kernel version 3.4.107 in the MoKee project repository here.

Some fixes and circumventions to get it compile/booting:

  • disable CONFIG_CRYPTO_AES_ARM_BS as discribed here, otherwise compiling fails
  • added makedepends package xz to kernel APKGBUILD otherwise compilation fails
  • added makedepends packages mdss-fb-init-hack and msm-fb-refresher to device APKGBUILD to get screen working. not sure if both are required
  • disable CONFIG_MSM_KGSL as described here to get display working

Phone is booting now, or at least I could see the loading pmOS splash screen :D

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